brick hammer

brick hammer

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  • bricklayer's hammer — noun a hammer used in laying bricks • Hypernyms: ↑hammer * * * noun : a hammer that has a flat face and sharp peen and is used in dressing or breaking brick * * * bricklayer s hammer, a small hammer that has a striking face and a sharp cross peen …   Useful english dictionary

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  • Stonemason's hammer — A Stonemason s hammer has one flat traditional face and a short or long chisel shaped blade. It can thus be used to chip off edges or small pieces of stone without using a separate chisel. The chisel blade can also be used to rapidly cut bricks… …   Wikipedia

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  • Knockout (board game) — Knockout was a board game manufactured by Milton Bradley in 1980 s and again by Hasbro in the 1990 s. The game itself is not that dissimilar to Don t Break the Ice.Before the game begins, a wall of 24 bricks (plus one Knockout brick) is… …   Wikipedia

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